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Your Menu – Keep It Simple

Rule #1, keep the menu simple. One of the major errors made by food entrepreneurs, too many options. You can own a chocolate shop, bakery, food truck, or coffee shop it doesn’t matter. Offering too many product options can hurt business.

So what’s our motto?

  •  Offer less.
  • Give the best quality possible.
  • Set a reasonable price.
  • Give more than anticipated.
  • Specialize in exceptional unique food. Period!
I can hear you now. A simple menu is impossible. What will I sell? No one will buy from me. I won’t have enough to make any money.
If you look at the situation realistically, simple menus are improbable or impossible. It depends on how you look at what you want to do.
You cannot do what you believe to be impossible. But once it moves from impossible to the realm of possibility, anything can happen.
Let’s look at the Little Big Burger. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2010. Little Big Burger offers a fast casual food. The restaurant concept is fresh, high-quality cooked-to-order burgers, truffle fries, and root beer floats. Little Big Burger founded by restauranteurs Micah Camden and Katie Poppe. They wanted to meet the need for a gourmet burger in a fast-casual environment.
Camden and Poppe developed a cult-like following in Oregon. Little Big Burger offered a simple menu focused on delicious quality. The restaurant atmosphere was fun and hip. In 2015, Camden and Poppe sold the Little Big Burger concept to Chanticleer Holdings, Inc.

So, what’s behind the simple menu trend?

 Diners are now looking for easier-to-read formats. Today’s diner is busy and doesn’t want hundreds of options when opting to eat out.
Today, less is more.
Millennials are directing what we eat. This large group of people values local, flavorful food that is high quality and low cost. They want to customize their meals; they don’t want large confusing offerings. It is now time for food entrepreneurs to recognize they can no longer be everything to everyone. Millennials are demanding quality, and when menus are longer, quality can suffer.
Personally, I’m looking for the best cookie in America and so far no CFO has stepped up to the table. Here’s a challenge for the cookie bakers in Cottage Foodland.  If you are a food crafter, and your specialty is cookies, I challenge you to offer the most popular, flavorful, affordable cookies possible. Cookies that can be purchased in small packages or by the box (cookie boxes), baked fresh and easy to snack on throughout the day. I recently fell in love with Sally’s Cookie Addiction Cookbook. Check it out. I have both versions of the Kindle and Hardcover, but I’m also a cookbook fanatic. You know I rarely recommend anything, but this cookbook is a classic! One to pass down to the generations. Happy Baking!
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