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When’s the last time you gave your customers a gift?

When was the last time you gave your customer a gift? I’m not talking about a free sample of your product. Nor am I suggesting a discount of some type. We’re talking about a gift, something they can use that reminds them of you each time they use it. Last summer I received a package of ink pens and I still use them today. They were from a small business owner specializing in custom printed pens.

What is a great customer gift?

This got me to thinking. What would happen if I ordered pens, created handwritten thank you notes and drop them into the bag of new customers? I would only do this at one farmers’ market location and for a 4-6-week period. Corny right? Not at all.

I know pens are old-fashioned and not used must, but have you been in a meeting when someone asked, “Do you have a pen?” I know this is an investment and you are short on coins. But remember, you have to spend a bit to make a lot. Who better to invest in than your customers?

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Keep your gift affordable and of good quality. The gift can also be a “Thank You” note card. You may want to do something fancy, custom and impressive. Stop. It’s a simple thank you card and remember to include your business card. These are the keepsakes customers pin on the cork board in their office. We use to stick them on the refrigerator before fridges turned stainless steel.

So, what are the benefits of customer gifts? They offer you the opportunity to:

  • Develop your B2B relationships.
  • Raise your brand’s awareness if you include your logo.
  • Maintain customer loyalty.
  • Improve your customer’s image and perception of your business.
  • Generate more leads. You never know where the gift (pen) will end up.
  • Increase sales. Customers are reminded of you and your product/service.

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