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When Was the Last Time You Said Thank You?

A simple “Thank You” can go a long way.

When was the last time you sent your customers a thank you note? Do you even engage with your customers? The scenario: A customer buys online, at the farmers market, or through your Etsy Shop. You say, “Thank you.” The engagement ends. You got your money and fulfilled the goal of selling your product. Does this end your communication with that customer? All too often we don’t care if the person reorders. We are all about the money.

The issue with being all about the money is a one-time customer will never sustain your business. Now, this is going to be painful but I’ll say it anyway. This one gesture has to be the simplest thing any human can do. It does not cost anything, nor does it take energy. You don’t have to give this much thought and sometimes no thought at all.

Think for a moment. When was the last time you received a genuine thank you note or letter? What do you think would happen if you created a “Thank you” email template to go out each time someone made a buy?

Is it possible to give flawless customer service? Is that on anyone’s radar today? Do we care about saying thank you to the customers? It’s no secret that “my pleasure” is an unofficial, part of Chick-fil-A’s culture.

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As you work to develop your small business and build a company culture of your own, think about what it be. Will “Thank you” or some version of that be a part of it?

“You are in business for the wrong reason if all you want is first time customers.”  ~ Denay

It’s time to reexamine how you engage with customers, past and present. People cannot become a repeat customer if they’re not acknowledged as past customers.

Imagine how your clients would feel if they got a handwritten note from you or something custom made! Happy right? A happy customer may net you some new business. Happy customers may share those stories about you and your product.

First of all, remember the only person responsible for repeat business is you. While having excellent customer service is good. Having an amazing product is great. Showing gratitude to your customers is priceless.

Before you start writing your thank you message, think about what the words “Thank You” mean to you. Are they important words? Do they hold any value to you? IF they don’t hold value to you, they won’t hold value to your customers. An example is meaningless if the message means nothing to you. Make the words come from your heart.

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Thank You Messages

Below are sample ‘Thank You” message you are welcome to use or modify.

Dear Valued Customer, thanks for shopping with us. We hope you enjoyed your xxxxxxxxxxx. We are always searching for ways to please our customers. And even though we all live busy lives we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your patronage.

It was a pleasure meeting you at the farmers’ market this weekend. I wanted to take the time to share how much I appreciate your business. I look forward to your future visits to the xxxxxxxxx Farmers Market.

The Farmers Market season has begun, and we look forward to serving you over the summer months. Thanks a lot for your patronage and support.

As a child cannot thrive with a mother, we can’t grow without a customer like you. Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to future orders.

If you are selling online, remember to send a “Thank You” message after every order no matter how small.

Simply say, “THANK YOU !”