The Sensational Desserts First Bakery

It was Ernestine Ulmer who said, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Dessert First Bakery was started by Christinedesserts first bakery Myrhe, a daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother, and entrepreneur. I started my baking business many years ago to bring in some extra income as I put myself through college.

In 1992 I was a mother of 4 very young children, a full-time college student and worked part-time when circumstances made me a single mom. After her world stopped spinning, she did some brainstorming and thought of different avenues to bring in money. She always loved to bake and cook.

With a number of small catering jobs family and friends under her belt, she thought about catering full time but that would require money she did not have and take time away from my children. Then she thought of my stepmother’s business, a small farm with greenhouses, vegetable fields, and a roadside stand. Christine talked to my parents about the idea of selling simple baked goods through their farm stand. They agreed!

The Dessert First Bakery is on its way

Then she started selling her products to them wholesale. The products baked were fresh pies in two different sizes, a 9” pie and a 5” pie and a small variety of quick-breads. Christine baked after her kids went to bed and drop products off in the morning after I dropped the older ones off to school. This allowed her to bring in some much-needed extra money.

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In 1995, Christine graduated from college, she and her husband were trying to repair their marriage and she was offered an opportunity to work for a large hotel company. Life evolved, children grew up, she and her husband grew apart and eventually divorced. In 2001 Christine met my current husband and things began to take on a different meaning and look.

In 2014, Christine heard about the passing of the Cottage Food Law and knew that this was the opportunity that she had been waiting for. So, she took the Cottage Food course work required to become a registered Cottage Food Producer and has been rolling full steam ahead ever since.


  • Baking was easy and familiar. This is one reason so many home bakers start a business in baking.
  • It was scary to take that leap into the Cottage Food Industry.
  • Everyone is hesitant to have strangers eat their products for the first time.
  • Major home-based baking hurdle is finding customers during the off-season.
  • Family support is more important than often realized. Family is the foundation that maintains our business success.
  • Pricing for profit is a major issue for all Cottage Food Operators and must be addressed.
  • There is a lingering fear the consumer will not buy if your product is priced higher than the consumer wants.
  • “Don’t give up and let life get in the way. Don’t let that dream go.”
  • “Don’t allow the need to have a stable life get in the way of your dream.”
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Learn about the Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Are you interested in learning about the  State of Minnesota Cottage Food Law? Cottage Food Operations across the United States is intended to promote local economic development, increase access to healthy foods, promote healthy eating, and support community-based food production. Consumers are familiar with home-based food production, but not as much as they should be. It will be your responsibility to introduce consumers to your products. Sell your product and change your life forever. If you’re interested in learning more contact the Foodpreneur Institute, click contact and forward your questions. We are more than happy to help you learn before you leap.