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(SEO) Search Engine Optimization for Product Pages

In this mini-course we will review:

What is SEO?

SEO is the process needed to maximize the number of visitors to your website.

What does it mean to have your pages ranking in Google?

Place more information on your website listing.

Remember to put additional information into your website listing. The more you have the better.

What are keywords?

  • Relevant words customers use to locate your business
  • Use keyword actually used by your customers
  • Optimize keywords for a broader audience
  • Use descriptive keywords.
  • The product description should be 2-4 sentences.
  • Use enticing language to describe your products.
  • Product images should be beautiful and pop off the webpage.
  • Tag photographs with an ALT Tag.
  • The ALT tag allows you to place keywords
    (A search cannot see images but must use your ALT tags. It’s a detail description of the image)

seo productsYou want to have a visual of what the image on the page looks like. So use cross-promotions so you can promote other products you sell.

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What is a structured Schema File?

  • Helps search engines find more relevant results regarding your products.
  • Collect ratings and reviews on your website.
  • Price needs to be in your Schema file
  • Have a Call To Action or CTA button.

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