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Secrets To Selling Amazing Dog Treats

One common question asked about dog treats is can I make them at home. Many bakers who have dogs want to still operate a home-based bakery. Unfortunately, operating one for humans is not possible. The alternative is starting a “Bakery for Fido.”

The State of North Carolina requires registration of feed or pet food. The rules and regulations are specific to the state. You will start this journey by:

  • Registering your products
  • Complete the registration form
  • Draft a label for each product
  • Pay appropriate fees
  • Obtain a guaranteed analysis
  • Submit your product to a commercial lab for testing
  • Receive certifications for each product


Dog treats are only sold in North Carolina. If you want to sell outside North Carolina, you will need to contact other states. Asking these Departments of Agriculture what is necessary to sell in their state.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials, (AAFCO) will help you meet state requirements. Only the state of North Carolina has the authority to approve dog treats. For this reason, many companies find it easier to label their products according to their state. Avoiding the rules adopted by other states. If you are interested in starting a pet treat business in North Carolina contact Elizabeth Glass.

Elizabeth Glass
Administrative Specialist I
NCDA&CS/Food & Drug Protection Division
Animal Feed Program
919 733 7366 office
919 733 6801 fax

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The first step to selling dog treats is to decide what you want your business focus on and how you’ll brand your treats. There are three main areas to consider.
Consider the following:


Sell decorated treats (This is more for the owner than the dog)
Package and sell treats as branded, private label items (Manufacturing treats for Veterinarians)

Selling treats by the pound is an easy way to make money on treats with limited investment. It matters not if you make the treats or sell a generic brand. Companies can easy purchase bulk treats and mark them up to sell by the pound online.


Limited packaging costs
Gives customers the option to buy in different amounts
Allows customers’ the ability to easily switch products (Selecting various flavors)

Selling decorated treats are the perfect way to make your business unique and offer something no one else has. Consumers will often pay more for decorated treats and it offers you the opportunity to sell seasonal treats.


  • May limit packaging costs if sold individually
  • Offers seasonal appeal
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Selling packaged treats provides your business with the ability to control how much consumers are purchasing each time and allows more opportunity for branding. Selling bulk treats is less time consuming and requires a lower investment. Plus, many dog owners want to buy in bulk.


Consider manufacturing products for special breeds. Let’s look at the Teacup dogs. The tiniest breed of dog, Teacups measure 17 inches or smaller and weigh four pounds or less when fully grown. Think about how you might create a tiny treat for a Teacup.

Another niche might include making treats for pups with special Gastrointestinal and Digestive Disorders disorders. You may need to enlist the help of a veterinarian. Do a bit of research to see if there are dog owners looking for pet treats that meet the health heed of there pouch.

Why is starting a dog treat business a good idea? According to Nielsen analysts calculated that “pet food and treats in 2018 in the United States reached nearly $33 billion U.S. dollars across various retail channels, including local pet stores, big-box superstores, vet clinics, e-commerce, and others.” It is time to do a bit more research and create a pet treat business plan? Let’s get started.