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Listed are resources offered by industry professionals committed to helping makers and bakers. The resources listed will help if you are developing your business. It doesn’t matter what stage of business development you’re in. Are you a maker or baker? Do you need a website or are you looking for all-in-one business management software? Browse the links, we have designed the list so there is something here for every maker or baker.

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Cohn Legal, PLLC

Cohn Legal, PLLC — Abe Cohn is managing partner of Cohn Legal, PLLC, a law firm designed specifically to provide a boutique and highly individualized experience for entrepreneurs and startups. While the firm can assist food startups in a variety of legal capacities, it is renowned for its expertise in intellectual property law. Learn More>>
Learn the Law with Abe Cohn
Contact: Abe Cohn – Email: – Ph: 212-203-0957

**Please mention you came to Cohn Legal, PLLC through Foodpreneur Institute for a 25% discount on all legal services.**

Integrity Labeling

Integrity Labeling — Rhonda Reitz is the owner of Integrity Labeling and has been a food scientist for more than twenty-five years. Rhonda has extensive experience in the food industry, product development, and food product label requirements. If you have questions about labeling your products contact: Rhonda at and visit her website:

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