Acceleration Group: Pricing for Profit Not Passion – Private Session



**Only 5 Spots Left**

The course begins Jan. 4, 2021

As you move through this 6-week course you will learn why you are worthy of being paid properly for the product you make. You will gain an understanding of how to plan sales and have more control over your income. There is access to a private group, live sessions twice a week, workbook and homework, unlimited email support, pricing review calls, practice pricing exercises, and bonus trainings.

What’s included in the course?

  • 6-week online course material – each week is a new subject on how to properly price your products for profit
  • Private Facebook Support Group – a private Facebook group to support you during this course.
  • Weekly Live session – every week there will be a live session with Denay to help you through your homework and go deeper into the content from the course.
  • A Workbook & Weekly Homework – a handy workbook and weekly homework to help drive home the specifics of the course.
  • Unlimited Email Support – you will have access to Denay via email to ask any questions that may come up while you are moving throughout the course.
  • Pricing Review Calls – you will be scheduled for a 1:1 1-hour pricing review call with Denay so you can review your current and future pricing model.
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Denay – every week you will participate in a Q&A session with Denay where you can ask your pricing specific questions.

Does This Sound Familiar

Are you jumping over a dollar to pick up a dime?
Are customers quick to buy, never complaining about the cost?
Does your inner voice tell you no one would pay “that” for your product?
Do you tell yourself you can get by with selling your products for less?
You will never make money if you feel there is no one in your community willing to pay what you are asking for your products.
How much would you pay for your product? Would you pay the price you are asking for?

Modules in the Course

  • Pricing is a Mindset – Have you ever wondered why some business owners have more success than others? The key to success is to close the mindset gap between what you want your business to become and what you believe is possible.
  • What Impacts Price? Price is impacted by cost and marketing to your niche. All too often we price to please. Price is determined by value, the value it holds for the customer.
  • Why Pricing is Important? Pricing determines your income, allows you to take care of your family, and feeds your business. Pricing is the foundation of your success.
  • Why Food Cost is Important? The cost of your ingredients has a direct impact on your earning potential. When a product becomes too expensive to produce, a menu change is imminent.
  • Frequently Ignored Costs – There are times when the hidden costs will creep up and suck the life out of your earnings and you must be on the lookout for them.
  • How to Price Your Products – Pricing must be directly connected to your income goal. It is impossible to make money if you are going to “wing-it” and accept whatever comes your way.
  • Why Raise Product Prices? The price of your products will increase because the cost of your ingredients will rise. No one must know why your product prices change. It is your responsibility to make sure to make price changes when needed.
  • Pricing Exercises – Prices are never etched in stone. The more you practice pricing products the more comfortable you will be working the numbers. Remember, you have to earn enough to stay in business.