How to Operate a Home-based Bakery Business – North Carolina Residents


The Foodpreneur Institute will partner with the Adult Evening Education Program in Cary, NC to offer How to Start a Home-based Bakery Micro Course (Live Online) for the first time ever online. Register now! Limited participation. The course starts Monday, January 4, 2021.


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The course begins on  Monday, Jan. 4, 2021

The Foodpreneur Institute is teaming up with the Adult Evening Education Program in Raleigh, NC to offer How to Start a Home-based Bakery Business Micro Course. Due to COVID-19, the course is now offered online to all North Carolina residents. The course will begin Monday, January. 4, 2021.  (Save $50 & register before Jan. 4th)

As you move through this 5-week course you will learn how to start and operate a home-based bakery business.

What’s included in the course?

  •  5-week online course material – meets live each Thursday evening for 5-weeks, this intense journey addresses what you need to do to start your home bakery business.
  • Private Facebook Support Group – a private Facebook group to support you during this course.
  • Weekly Live session – every week there will be a live session (Thursdays) with Denay to guide you through your course material, homework, and daily activities. (All live sessions are recorded.)
  • A Workbook & Weekly Homework – a handy workbook and weekly homework to help drive home the specifics of the course.
  • Unlimited Email Support – you will have access to Denay via email to ask any questions that may come up while you are moving throughout the course.
  • Weekly Live Q&A with Denay – every week you will participate in a Q&A session with Denay where you can ask your needs based on the product you want to sell. (All live sessions are recorded)

Are you ready to turn your baking hobby into a small business?

Does your inner voice tell you no one will want what you have to offer?
Are you stressed about putting the right price on your products?
Are you an introvert who doesn’t want to be in front of customers?
Perhaps you are afraid of how you will be judged once you put your products out for sale.
Do you associate fear with failure, always talking yourself out of starting your business?
How would your life change if you started a home-based bakery, and it was a success?

Modules in the Course

  • Do You Have a Business Mindset – Have you ever wondered why some business owners have more success than others? The key to success is to close the mindset gap between what you want your business to become and what you believe is possible.
  • What is a Home-based Bakery Business? What you bake will define what type of business you have and how much you will earn. Your bakery is not about you. Your bakery is all about your customer and what they want.
  • What is Home Food Processing in NC? The State of North Carolina provided rules and requirements for using a home kitchen to produce food products. It is important to follow the rules and become familiar with how to keep the consumer safe from foodborne illness.
  • Why Food Cost is Important? The cost of your ingredients has a direct impact on your earning potential. When a product becomes too expensive to produce, a menu change is imminent.
  • Frequently Ignored Costs – There are times when the hidden costs will creep up and suck the life out of your earnings and you must be on the lookout for them.
  • How to Price Your Products – Pricing must be directly connected to your income goal. It is impossible to make money if you are going to “wing-it” and accept whatever comes your way.
  • Pricing Exercises – Prices are never etched in stone. The more you practice pricing products the more comfortable you will be working the numbers. Remember, you have to earn enough to stay in business.
  • How to Label and Package Your Products – There are strict guidelines when it comes to placing labels on your products. You also must use food-grade packaging and we will examine what that means and why it is important.
  • Where Are All My Customers? – A successful business is dependent on customers. It is your responsibility as the business owner to research who your customers are and where they are located.
  • What Social Media Platform Works? – Using social media is not as simple as it appears. The key to having success is locating where your customers like to hang out.
  • What is the Best Way to Market Your Home-based Bakery? – New business owners often struggle with marketing strategies because they have no marketing budget. Let’s discuss how to participate in organic marketing.
  • A Successful Home-based Bakery Begins with a Plan and a Goal – Each student will create a timeline of where they want to be in one year.