Nate Figaro’s Dynamic 80/20 Creole BBQ Rub

Today we are giving a big welcome to Nathaniel Figaro the owner and creator of 80/20 Creole BBQ Rub. Originally from Louisiana, now living in Chattanooga, TN, it has taken Nate at least two years to perfect his Creole BBQ rub. He admits his first attempts were far from successful.
Nate Figaro offers up some great advice for new entrepreneurs, reminding us that it’s okay to fail and commitment is essential if you want to start a business. Any discussion of barbecue rubs ought, to begin with clarifying the difference between grilling and barbecuing.

  • Grilling is defined as a fast, high-temperature method for cooking burgers or steaks.
  • Barbecuing is a slow, low-temperature (typically 225 F) method used to cook, a whole pork shoulder or beef brisket.

There is a huge difference between the two. The misunderstanding between the two leads to the misconception that rubs should be used for grilling. This is not at all true. Rubs can be either wet or dry, and suitable for barbecuing and grilling.

Speaking of wet vs dry, sweeteners are great ingredients for making wet rubs. As the byproduct of refining raw sugar into granulated white sugar, molasses, and honey functions both as a glue and as a sweetener. Plus when the barbecue is a slow, low-temperature affair, you don’t have to worry about the sugar burning. Let’s hear from a BBQ Rub master for his insight on what makes great barbecue.a

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Specializing in a Creole BBQ Rub, despite the fact Louisiana is not known for barbecue, Nate thought he would put a Louisiana BBQ rub on the map and he did!

Nate’s Story

Nate was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana smack dab in the middle of Cajun country. Growing up in Lafayette in a Creole family meant when it came time for family gatherings there was no shortage of food. From Etouffees to Jambalaya and Pralines to Popcorn balls every dish was hand made. But what caught his eye…or better yet his nose was his grand father’s BBQ.

Tucked away in the back of his grandparent’s house was a brick and mortar pit that his grandfather had custom-built inside the house. The smell and flavor of the meat coming off the pit was something of dreams! After moving to Tennessee there was no shortage of BBQ! But Nate found it difficult to find BBQ that mirrored his grandfathers cooking.

After getting a BBQ book for Christmas and thumbing through all the different recipes and regions of BBQ; constantly talking about  BBQ with his girlfriend, Nate decided to come up with a style and flavor that represents Louisiana. Starting off on this BBQ escapade he experimented with different seasonings for rubs and sauces.

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After 6 months of trials and plenty of errors, he finally came up with a rub that represented Creole culture and tasted pretty darn good too. So 8020 Creole BBQ rub was born. A mixture of diverse spices and seasonings that represent the flavors of Louisiana BBQ. Let the good times roll!

Contact Nate

If you want information about how to order Creole BBQ Rub ($9) you can visit the Facebook and Instagram If you want to contact Nate, email him at

Show notes
  • 80/20 Creole Barbecue
  • Nate offers up some wonderful words of wisdom.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, because regardless you’ll fail, but learn why you weren’t successful.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the leap.
  • You will be learning more and more every day.
  • You have to figure things out day-by-day.
  • Take classes and learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • There is nothing wrong with being excited and scared. It’s normal.

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