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Mariah’s Gourmet Chow Chow Relish


“Mariah’s Gourmet Relishes are Chow Chow style condiments sure to marvel even the most discriminating taste buds. Crafted with love and inspired by a family recipe that has been passed down through generations.”

In this episode, Phyllis W. Haynes, the owner of Mariah’s Relish shares how she took her Chow Chow relish to market. It was not an easy journey, but one motivated by passion and a strong desire to keep a family legacy alive.

Gourmet Relish & Copackers

If you have ever wanted to know how to work with a copacker, Phyllis gives us a realistic view of the good and the bad. Starting out as a hobbyist as many folks do, it took the prompting of family and friends to sell her famous Chow Chow.

The journey was not an easy one. There were times when not knowing lead to deception. We learn industry professional are not always honest and forthright. As Phyllis reminds us, you know you’re a true entrepreneur when you start working with vendors. You take nothing for granted and take on the sole responsibility for making sure you’re not taken advantage of.

This is one of the most honest discussions about using copackers and working with distributors. Get ready for some real insight.

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  • Phyllis W. Haynes is an accidental entrepreneur.
  • Shares the process of taking a product to market.
  • Explains how to find a co-packer.
  • Learned how to find a market for her product.
  • Created her first batch in 2008 during the start of the recession.
  • Mariah’s Relish was tested by Cornell University.
  • Co-packers and Distributors do not work together.
  • Mariah’s Relish needs to be a sustainable product, a nationwide brand.

Phyllis W. Haynes is the owner of Mariah’s Relishes. The native Mississippian often refers to herself as an accidental entrepreneur. Taking a family recipe from kitchen-to-shelf was the result of a planning family cookbook for the next generations.

Because Chow Chow had always been a favorite, she began canning jars of relish as a summer hobby. And with the encouragement received from friends and family, she launched her business in 2008 just as the economy was crashing.

Although this was not planned she has remained in the food business for over ten years. First in Connecticut and a relaunch in 2017 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She has a background working in business, non-profits, and education.

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Mariah’s Relishes is a member of the North Carolina Specialty Food Association and the got to be Got-To-Be North Carolina program. “I am so glad to an entrepreneur because if you feel good doing something it’s worth doing.” This business has connected me to my purpose, my passion.

Visit Mariah’s Relish and order your Chow-Chow today.

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