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Let the Buyer Beware

Let the buyer beware. Every food-related product you buy online is not safe. It is your responsibility to check vendors and protect your customers. In a recent post on Facebook, a baker learned she had purchased glitter from an Etsy vendor. The issue? The vendor was selling plastic craft glitter repackaged and sold as edible glitter.
As food entrepreneurs, we are all looking for quality, low-cost ingredients. We want to offer our customers the best. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all vendors selling products online. There are people who will sell you hazardous products all in the name of making money.

Let the buyer beware

Ten years ago I purchased a bushel of apples from a farmer. It was a fall day at the Raleigh State Farmers Market. There were samples and the apples tasted sweet and crisp. I got home and every apple in the bucket was flat, tasteless, with the texture of cotton. I was furious.
Today, when I teach Profits from Your Kitchen, I remind students, trust no one. According to the Facebook post, the vendor is in deep trouble with the FDA and she should be.
Students often ask, why it is important to use food compliant packaging and boxes? Because besides preparing an exceptional product; you must keep the customer safe. Avoid shortcuts and remember buying cheap can be hazardous.
So you’re tempted to buy bakery boxes from a website that will not say if they boxes are food compliant. Don’t!
If you become a vendor selling edible wedding toppers or other edible decorations, do the thing.

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