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Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes

Last Updated on June 16, 2019
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Anthony Garcia CopianIn this episode, we are chatting with Anthony Garcia-Copian of Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes. Raised in Europe Anthony had a deep appreciation for fine food, learning about tea at an early age.  Anthony is an artist and Playwright who after losing his job decided to look at starting a tea business.

The idea all started while watching a clip from Dragon Ball Z at a friend’s home. Anthony thought about creating a tea call Dragon Ball G with Green Tea and Ginger. He thought, what about blending teas,  that include herbs, barks, leaves, spices, and Western Dragon Tea and Tisanes was born.

You might think that a beverage is easier to develop than a food product, no so. Anthony reminds us that there was a lot of research, testing and tasting that when into the various tea blends sold by Western Dragon. There is nothing that takes the place of good old-fashioned hard work.

Visit Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes for sales locations. along with the Morgan Street Food Hall, located at 411 West Morgan Street, Raleigh, NC; or email

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  • Born in Cuba, Anthony’s parents moved to Spain where he was first introduced to good food and great tea.
  • Anthony’s family was in the catering business fueling his love for excellent food.
  • As a child, Anthony was introduced to tea by a Baron while living in Spain
  • There was a lot of research that went into developing Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes.
  • Originally, Anthony did not like green tea but knew it had a number of medicinal purposes.
  • What is a Tisane? Tisane is an herbal tea, made years ago from barley.
  • It was Mao Feng Tea that started Anthony’s journey because it had a natural sweetness.
  • Listen as Anthony fearlessly tells local vendors about his tea business.
  • Learn how developing a unique sense of taste and authentic style can take your product from kitchen to market.