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Matt Wilson and New Wrap Order

Last Updated on August 05, 2019
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Matt Wilson and Kevin ChanOwners Kevin Chan and Matt Wilson began their careers as Food Truck owners in January 2014. Today we’re going to chat with Matt Wilson, one of the owners of New Wrap Order. If you ever wanted to own a food truck Matt shares his journey, dropping nuggets of wisdom and insight. Starting with a retrofitted truck and building the menu from scratch was no easy task. Matt and Kevin started with wraps and the goal of having a creative menu. Unfortunately, the prep list had to be reeled in. Beginning with the end in mind and having an idea of where you want your business to go is important. Matt reminds us that knowing who you are and understanding your work style is imperative. The food truck business is not for the faint at heart. If working in a fast-paced environment, where nothing is predictable and building the plan while in a graveyard spiral s appealing, the food truck life is for you.

Show Notes

  • Matt recommends that food truck owners must figure out who he/she is going to be.
  • Creative consumer-friendly menus are essential today.
  • Matt created 3 appetizer style wachos to accompany beer. (Wacho (wonton nachos) no chips or nachos)
  • When starting a food truck locating a commissary that fits your needs is essential.
  • There’s nothing like the first day you go out in your truck. (It’s one of those special nights when you first open, solidifying your beliefs about starting a food truck.)


“Karma was telling me I’m on the right path. — Matt Wilson”

  • The best thing Matt could have done is book the food truck two months before they launched
  • Customer service drives people, to your truck. Include music so you’re creating a pleasurable experience.
  • Matt admits he was a bit overzealous when deciding to add a second Food Truck.
  • Be open to looking at new revenue streams.
  • Work out the kinks before you before go live (launch your food truck).
  • There is a lot that goes into operating a food truck and according to Matt Wilson, it helps to be as
  • “Cool as a cucumber in the sea of chaos.”

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