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Episode #007: Integrity Labeling Talks Food Labels

Last Updated on May 19, 2019
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Food labeling is a requirement for food entrepreneurs. It matters not if you are a cottage food operator, home-based bakers, and other food producers. Food labels carry useful information to help consumers make good choices and they tell you if the food you’re buying contains an ingredient that you may want to avoid.

Today we’re speaking to Rhonda Reitz, the owner of Integrity Labeling. Her mission, to help food entrepreneurs overcome the daunting task of creating compliant food labels.

Rhonda shares why food labeling must be a priority for food producers nationwide. Labeling is serious business and the FDA requirements are something you need to know.

It is our hope that you will take a few moments to listen to this Podcast and learn before you leap. Knowing the rules, regulations, and requirements for proper labeling is essential. It is the primary way we let our customers know what’s in our food products.

Rhonda Reitz, Integrity Labeling

Rhonda Reitz, Food Scientist, Owner of Integrity Labeling has been a food scientist for more than twenty-five years. Rhonda has extensive experience in the food industry, product development, and food product label requirements Rhonda’s profession has given her the opportunity to work various sized food manufactures, including the JM Smucker Company and Hickory Farms. She has worked with top food manufacturers and industry groups developing products and successfully launching them to the market. She has also worked with various vendors in private label type projects. Integrity Labeling was born out of Rhonda’s passion for helping smaller food manufacturers compete today with the much larger food giants, by providing personalized, affordable nutritional analysis and food label guidance for start-ups, established food manufacturers, distributors, restaurateurs, and brokers. It is her goal to make your job of complying with FDA labeling requirements easy and understandable. Professional Affiliation: Institute of Food Technologists.


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Areas of Expertise: FDA Compliant Food Labeling (Nutrition Analysis, Nutrient Content Claims, Allergen Disclosure), Scale Up from Benchtop to Production, Product Formulations Development Tracks: All Tracks

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