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Elijah’s Xtreme Gourmet Sauces

Last Updated on September 16, 2019
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Elijah’s Xtreme® Gourmet Sauces started with a 6-year-olds simple question. “Dad, what do I need to do to be the youngest person to eat the worlds hottest pepper?” Now, more than 10 years later, recipe experiments, tweaks, and retweaks have paid off. Bret Morey reminds us that “If you want to make your own hot sauce recipe, focus on flavor overheat.”
The process of creating recipes can take years and months to fine-tune. Sending out hundreds of samples and patiently waiting for feedback is all part of a food entrepreneurs journey.
The father and son duo, Bret and Elijah Morey took the food entrepreneur leap of faith. Bret is humble when addressing the success they’ve experienced so far. The focus has been to produce a delicious flavorful sauce, enhanced by heat. The goal was never to win awards but develop a product that the consumer would want to buy, then purchase again and again.
“If you want to make your own hot sauce recipe, focus on flavor overheat.”
Listen as Bret Morey, shares his story on taking a hot sauce recipe to market. He gives an honest overview of using copackers; and striving to first, make a delicious product. Monitoring every aspect of the product’s brand, the owners of Elijah’s Xtreme® Gourmet Sauces know success starts with quality and excellenceClick the link to learn more about Elijah’s Xtreme® Gourmet Sauces and order their sauces. I can tell you first hand they are amazing!
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