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Becoming a Preferred Vendor

Last Updated on April 28, 2019
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Have you ever wanted to be a preferred vendor for a venue or company? Perhaps we should define what a preferred vendor is.

What is a preferred vendor?

A preferred vendor is someone who provides their product exclusively or not, to a venue or company. This is a great gig if you can land it.
An example of being a preferred vendor might be connecting with a bridal shop and when the bride asked, “Do you know a great cake decorator?” The sale representative replies “We recommend Elegant Cakes by Ellen, she is our premier vendor and an exceptional cake designer and decorator. Here’s her card, and let her know we recommended you. “Oh, thank you so much, I’ll give her a call this afternoon.”
You may also want to be added to more than one vendor list. Your product is not recommended exclusively, but you are recommended when a client wants a product that fits your specialty. (Caterer, florist, coffee shop owner)
Before you commit, avoid referral fees. That defeats the purpose. Tell the person recommending you to avoid saying the client will be a good deal or discount. Again, that defeats the purpose.
You want a process where the client contacts you directly, the venue is not involved in the order process. Again, don’t pay any referral fees or kickbacks. Although you may want to drop off a small tin of baked goods to the referring representative from time to time.
Remember some venues or companies may ask for documentation. For example, a copy of business license, liability insurance certificate, and food safety certification. Don’t be alarmed they are protecting themselves and their clients.