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Are You a Cheap Cake Lady?

Last Updated on April 28, 2019
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Are you the “Cheap Cake Lady?” You know, the cake baker who is not confident in her skills or not confident enough to price for profit. If you consider yourself the “Cheap Cake Lady” ask yourself, who am I competing with? Walmart, the local bakery, another home-based baker? Ask yourself, who is your ideal customer? Can you describe the person who orders from you? Create a customers profile, along with the type of cake they ordered. When you write this down, you will start to see a pattern. It will look something like this. My target customer is a female, 29-45, married, 1.5 children, single mom, living in the northwest part of XXXX. She orders simple cake flavors, buttercream icing, serving 10-20 etc.

Cheap Cake Lady Customers Want

  •  A deal, any deal.
  • A lovely cake at a cheap price.
  • A baker to take advantage of.
  • A lot for a small amount of money.
  • The opportunity to take advantage of a talented baker.

Take a moment to describe the profile of your perfect customer. Think about who you want to sell your cake to and how much you want to charge? Don’t think about any customers you’ve had in the past, start to profile your “perfect” customer.

Cake Lady Profile

  • What does she or he look like?
  • How much are they willing to pay?
  • Are you willing to deliver cakes to this customer?
  • Are you willing to charge for the deliver of cakes to this customer?
  • Where does your perfect customer live (what neighborhood)?
  • Describe the customers demographics, age, psycho-graphics product expectations?
  • Remove all baked goods that do not increase your income. “Get rid of the small stuff.”
  • Make a list of your special skills and showcase those skills in every product.
  • Brand yourself as a premiere baker specializing in ____________________ (fill in the blank.) Remember, mediocre is easy.
Why are you the “Cheap Cake Lady”? You lack the confidence to ask for your worth. your initial sale feeds your ego; repeat business feeds your wallet. Slow and easy wins the race. Unfortunately, we have all been a “CCL” at some time in our baking career. The key is to recognize it and jump ship fast!