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7 Creative Ways to Increase Holiday Orders

Do you want 7 Creative Ways to Increase Holiday Orders? Here they are.

Create a Business Page and website for your product if you don’t already have one. Complete the profile page of every social media platform you’re featured on. Make sure you have all your contact information posted.

7 Creative Ways to Increase Holiday Orders that won’t break the bank!

#1 – Using Websites & Social Media

  • Website – Online orders & Email request
  • eCommerce website like Esty, Shopify, etc.
  • Curated online marketplace
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Pinterest

#2 – Start creating a mailing list

Start creating a mailing list with your customer’s first name and email address. Create a Mail Chimp email account so you can connect with customers at least twice a month. What city/state are you in? Join Eats Treats and Drinks – The Good Food Directory. They’re Beta Testing, you can sign up for free for 1-year. Here’s the link:

#3 – Start the Holiday Marketing Plan

The time to start marketing for Thanksgiving is August – October 31(mark your calendar now for 2020). By Nov. you should have customers lined up and be prepared for any last-minute orders. Do you have a holiday marketing plan?

#4 – Selling Corporate Gifts will Increase Holiday Orders

Depending on your state Cottage Food Law, you may want to look at corporate customers looking for client gifts. It’s a bit late for Thanksgiving but perfect for Christmas. Corporate food gifts are personal and always a nice touch.

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Contact local businesses and ask about using your product as a corporate gift. It might be a gift pack of jams, jellies, relishes, hot sauce, barbecue sauce, spice blends or baked goods.

#5 – Family, Friends & Coworkers

Another one of the 7 creative ways to increase holiday orders involves soliciting the help of family, friends, and coworkers.  If most orders came from friends, high school classmates and former coworkers on Facebook.

Now is the time to create an email, send it to your friends, high school classmates, and former coworkers and have them forward the email to 3-5 of their friends. Have them write an email of introduction and ask them to pass on the email to someone who is interested in ordering an amazing Pound Cake.

You might want to say something like:
offers amazing ___________! Offer a detailed description of your food product, made to order, made from scratch, and made with only the finest of ingredients! Explain how potential customers will be wowed by your product and what they can expect to feel. This is your time to shine. Remember, your product is not about price but how the product makes them feel when they consume it. It’s all about memory!

#6 – Avoid BOGO

Avoid “Buy one, get one” BOGO, no discounts, just share the email and ask them to support you. Period. Folks who order are genuinely interested in supporting your business. Avoid folks looking for a deal or discount. You’re in business to make money.

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So far Thanksgiving orders are coming in slowly. If you did not start marketing early enough. You’ll be ready for Christmas. You need to start building the buzz 2-3 months before a holiday. There is a strategy for holiday marketing and it’s not too early to start increasing holiday orders for Christmas.

#7 Using Social Media Ads

Do you use Facebook ads? Please don’t use Facebook ads. You want organic customers. Those who don’t know about your cakes. This helps you build a brand and a solid customer base.

  • Find your niche?
  • Who is your target audience? Who currently buys your products?
  • Who eats your products? What does that customer avatar look like?
  • How is your product best served?
  • When would someone buy your product? Birthday, Anniversary, office meetings, gifts, funerals, breakfast, condiment, etc?

It may be too late but consider participating in a holiday festival. Don’t take whole cakes, but lots of samples and use the venue to take orders for the holiday. Here’s what you need to do.

Invest in your business. Invest in yourself. Register for 12 Ways to Reach More Customers . A $39 webinar on finding customers. Here’s the link:

Now, get busy contacting previous customers, family, friends, and coworkers. You may even want to host a popup.