The jury is still out on selling boozy baked goods in Michigan. It appears to sell or not to sell is dependent on how much alcohol is being used. All Cottage Food bakers making food products with low alcohol content may need a license. It is best to contact the Michigan Liquor Control Commission at 866-813-0011.
Last year the process involved completing a Michigan License Form LLC-3015. This form fits a variety of liquor-related businesses, it could be a bit confusing.
Live in Michigan? Bake with booze? Follow the basic instructions below to sell homemade baked goods with high alcohol content.
For those who want to complete the Michigan License Form LLC-3015 online use the link below:
Part 1: Mark ‘New License’ and complete this section
Part 3: Ignore this section
Part 4: Mark ‘Industrial Manufacturer’
Parts 5-13: Complete these sections
Part 14: State source of funds (e.g., loan, personal savings, borrowing from an individual, etc.)
Part 15: Ignore this section
Make sure to sign and date the form and return it with the inspection fee. There is a one-time inspection fee of $70 and an annual license fee of $10 per year. There is about a 60 day turn-around time for the inspection process. Please contact the Michigan Liquor Control Commission at 866-813-0011 to assure the process has not changed.
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