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Little Known Ways on How To Make Money With Recipes

There are lots of new business ideas swirling around at the end of the year. After Thanksgiving, and indulging in great heirloom recipes what thoughts come to mind? Wow! I wish I could sell this recipe, everybody would love it!

We all love food and for those with an entrepreneurial spirit selling those family, recipes can be an option. It takes a creative cook to come up with all those delectable creations. If you are a wizard in the kitchen and think your recipes could be worth their weight in gold, consider this.

Sell your recipes

Sell to bloggers and writers. But what is a recipe worth? It depends on who needs it. Bloggers and freelance writers may pay $10 to $20 for the use and rights to a recipe with professional photos. You won’t break the bank, but it might be great exposure for you if you’re hoping to one day write a cookbook or start a YouTube Cooking Channel.

Land a freelance writing job

Combine blogging, writing, and recipes, and sell to the highest bidder. There are several freelance writing platforms looking for quality content. You never know when you might land a snazzy freelance writing job for a food magazine.

Design food kits

Remember, everyone may not have your creativity when it comes to food. If you stroll through Etsy, you will find food kits. There are shops selling cooking accessories like aprons and table wear. These shops then add-on their secret family recipes as a bonus. There are cookie kits, cake kits, savory food kits, (Beef Stroganoff kits) you name it, it’s there. This is a unique way to make money by selling your recipes without the work of cooking it. You will still need to know how to price your designer food kits.

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Sell recipes outright

If you have an ample supply of recipes you can stop giving them away and place them behind a website wall. In this way, readers can subscribe to the website “recipe magazine” for 1 to 4 months. You may charge $5 to $20, to access more than 3000 recipes. Build a reputation for having unique, creative recipes not found across the Internet.

When writing professional recipes you’ll need help. Grab a copy of The Recipe Writer’s Handbook, Revised and Updated by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann.

Compete in a recipe contest

While contesting has all but been cast to the wind, it’s still possible to make money selling your recipes. If you have the time and commitment you can find a contest of interest on ContestCook.com.

Since you already love testing and writing recipes why not enter a contest? You won’t generate a stable income from recipe contests, they are a good way to diversify your income.

Contest categories vary from beverages to hot pepper sauces. The prize money varies too. It depends on the contest sponsor. Recipe winners may have their creations published on the website or compiled in a cookbook! I was lucky enough to have three recipes published by Bon Appetit. I did not make any money but being in the magazine was a true honor.

Winning a recipe contest also helps boost your credibility as a food and recipe writer.

Making and selling your family recipe

Are you a true die-hard who wants to make money selling your recipe to the consumer. Become a Cottage Food Operator. This may not be possible with every recipe, but non-hazardous foods can be made at home and sold to the consumer. There are 49 states that have some sort of Cottage Food law or rule.

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A Cottage Food law or rule sets guidelines for preparing food in the home kitchen for sale to the consumer. This almost always includes baked goods, but there are other food products too.

How you can sell your products, to whom and where is determined by your state where you reside. There is a process to becoming a Cottage Food Operator, also called a home food processor. It’s not difficult, but there are a few things you need to do and learn.

Review the Cottage Food Map on the Foodpreneur Institute website for each state’s cottage law. Thousands of home food processors work part-time and full-time selling their recipes. They sell their homemade specialty recipes at farmers’ markets across the U.S.

What can come from a simple recipe is amazing. You never know who is going to eat your family recipe, buy it or how its creation will alter your life.

Do you have a recipe that might make you money? Are you willing to part with it and share it with your community? Let’s take that product to market and see where it leads. Interested in becoming a Food Blogger? Learn how!

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