Fast Track: How to Jump Start Your Business

It’s time to get and stay on the Fast Track and jump-start your business.
Is your business on the fast track or is business slow as molasses? If your business is dragging there are things you can do to pick up the pace. When business is slow and you’re feeling a bit discouraged, it’s time to stir things up. Let’s examine 25 things you can do to bring attention to your business. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Sitting behind your desk waiting for the phone to ring or an email to pop up will not put money in your wallet.
Don’t try to do everything, but complete one task per week until your business starts to pick-up. Avoid becoming overwhelmed. If business picks up and you don’t have time to complete all 25 tasks, don’t stress. You now have a list of things to do to keep your business on the fast track.

Jump Start Your Business with a Cold Pitch

Cold Pitch is emailing someone interested in your product. You are contacting them to see if they will buy your product now or in the future. Don’t contact everyone, contact the right one. You’re emailing those willing and able to pay the price you’re asking for your product or service.
For example, if you sell wedding cakes and you never emailed owners of event venues, do it. Create an Excel spreadsheet list each and every venue within a 25 or 50-mile radius. Get there name, website, email, phone number, and address, plus the types of events.

Draft a Fast Track Email

The subject line is the ‘name of your Company’ – Can we chat?

Hi …
I reaching out to share information about my cake bakery. I am the owner of XXXXXXXXXXXX and I specialize in exceptional wedding cakes.
I’m Jane Doe and I’ve been featured in (list the magazines or newspapers.
I recently won the Bingham County Creative Cake Award for 2017. My specialties include:
  • Fondant Cakes
  • Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • A wide array of homemade fruit fillings and cake flavors
  • Miniature cakes and Groom cakes
Here is a link to my website and testimonials from my clients.
Let’s connect. I’d be happy jumping on a Skype call to see how I can help your business.
Warm regards,
If the person on the other end of the phone says they have a resident cake designer, ask about their emergency list. Every once and a while they may need someone to step in and save the day. That person should be you.
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