You will experience hate mail at some time in their professional career. And how you handle it is dependent on the thickness of your skin, your emotional skin.
First of all, let’s look at what you should do. Then we will address behaviors and comments you should avoid.
While sitting there fuming, your immediate impulse is to write back. Don’t do it. You must remember that everyone gets hate mail. Don’t ever be arrogant or naive enough to think everyone is going to like you. Folks are not going to always like your food or how you conduct your business. This is a fact of life you must live with.

So, what to do when you get hate mail?

  • First, do nothing. There are times when you do absolutely nothing at all.
  • Second, consider responding to misinformation only. You don’t need the last word. Correct and move on.
  • Third, if the personal attack is mean-spirited and the hater is of sound mind and body. Simply respond, “Thanks for reading!” And block their email.
  • Fourth, if you choose to respond, don’t debate their commentary. A simple, “I understand your point and we’ll have to agree to disagree.” Don’t engage in irrational discussions. You hold the power.
  • Last, don’t spend unnecessary time responding to haters. Time is the one thing you can never get back.
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Avoid at all cost
  • Spending too much time feeling personally attacked. Thirty-minutes to an hour is long enough.
  • Read your hate mail out loud. You may even want to record it because you can then hear how silly it sounds.
  • If the tone of the hate mail is dangerous, alert the authorities.
  • And if by chance you get bombarded with hate-filled emails or the comments, know you’re onto something.

Who knew someone would be that passionate about panko fried chicken livers? And write hate mail about bringing them back to our appetizer menu? Could this be the next sushi?