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Food Product Engineering

Why is food product engineering important? How do you engineer a product that will sell? What advice do food and beverage entrepreneurs need when selecting a product?
Who you are as a Food Product Engineer will determine what you take to market. What food or flavor are you passionate about? As a result of examining your personal preferences, you offer insight.  Are you sweet or savory? Spicy or salty? Creamy or crunchy?
Food and beverage entrepreneurs often fall down the rabbit hole. The product selection becomes too broad. We want to make it all, have it all. My advice is to stop, back up. Ask yourself a few questions.

Food Product Engineering Questions

  • What do you love making?
  • Are you passionate or obsessed about a particular food or flavor?
  • What product could you engineer in your sleep?
  • When selecting a product to sell, consider the shelf life?
  • How long will the food product live at room temperature?
  • Is this a custom made product? *Custom products attract higher prices. Shelf stable products are price higher if they are unique and not easily available.
There is no easy answer or advice. Besides figuring out what you want, you must examine what the market wants. What are consumers looking for? Cupcakes are still popular, but it seems like cookies and donuts are on the rise.
Food with flavor is here to stay. International food specialties are popular. What’s in? Korean, Southern Indian, Thai, dishes from the Philippines, Greek and Japanese.
Where does your product fit in? Is it a snack food, appetizer, main course, dessert, cake, cookie or something else. Last, I would recommend a pop-up sampling. Gather foodies and let them taste your product.
Don’t be afraid of sharing the flavor. The fact is no one can make your product like you. This new product has your name on it. 
In conclusion, the most important task you have once you’ve selected a product is to test it. Don’t assume everyone will love it because you do. This is not the time to be overly sensitive. Constructive feedback is invaluable. And remember, the product you start out with, is not necessarily the product you will ultimately sell.
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