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Founder & CEO PieShell

The Crowdfunding platform PieShell closed in March of this year after being open since 2015. It is a loss to the small food industry and will be missed. I had the pleasure of interviewing Founder and CEO Cheryl Clements in December of 2018. She addressed the many issues that food and beverage brands struggled with every day. In an article on NOSH, Cheryl Clements shared, “If I had not been looking for funding and focused on building out the platform it might have been more beneficial,” she said. “I didn’t even listen to my that it’s better to get revenue then equity.”

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising money from a large number of people. A common practice used by small tech businesses. Today anyone can crowdfund with surprising success.

It is important that you treat crowdfunding as a business. And like any business, the outcome depends on efficiency, organization, and discipline.

If you are thinking of launching your product or service through crowdfunding, stay focused. Keep your dreams lofty and idealistic, and keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your campaign must be strategic and planned if it is to be crowdfunding successfully. Crowdfunding is also about marketing, something that is no easy task.

Are you wondering, “How can I take my food product from kitchen to market?” Wonder no more.  is here.  PieShell has nothing to do with pies. It’s a special crowdfunding platform that works with food and beverage entrepreneurs.

What is PieShell?

On July 12th I had the opportunity to interview PieShell Founder and CEO Cheryl Clements. A supporter of food and beverage crafters, she is making a big difference.

Cheryl explained that 75% of food projects fail before they get off the ground. It’s hopeful that will impact that statistic for the better. While success is not guaranteed, PieShell offers insight, resources, and hope. The purpose of the platform is to create a solid foundation for new business owners. It’s not done without hard work and commitment.

The PieShell helps food and beverage crafters. It’s all about “incubating” your food business through the crowdfunding process. It’s not easy. First of all, it’s likely to be the hardest work you’ll ever do. Second, it helps if you believe in your product, love your product. Third, instant success is not a given. Thus you can’t have unrealistic expectations.

Starting a successful business is tough, regardless of the industry.  In this podcast, Cheryl Clements walks us through what you can expect from PieShell. You will learn the process involved in raising money to take your product from kitchen to market. Contact PieShell today.

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