Mocha WhipToday we’re chatting with Mel (Melissa Troupe), founder, and CEO of Mocha Whip. No, it’s not a food product. It’s made using a Kitchen Aid and is totally out of the box. The journey has not been easy for Mel and her product was created out of necessity.

Have you ever had one idea for a product and over time, it turned into something else? The insight and wisdom Mel shares regarding the entrepreneurial journey are what many of us need to hear. Her story is not so different from many entrepreneurs but it does offer a candid look at what you do when life hands you lemons.

Today you will hear about Mel’s journey into Earth Fare, Palm Beach Gardens and discover why you sometimes have to take your product to market, literally when the market does not appear to want to come to you. Mel explains why persistence is key and patience is a virtue.


“The hardest thing for any motivated person is to WAIT! — Mel Troupe”

Show Notes

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Melissa Troupe gives us some precious nuggets of wisdom when it comes to taking our products to market.

    • Know your target market.
    • Believe in your product.
    • Make your journey and product about the customer.
    • Listen to your gut and don’t jump off the edge before you’re ready.
    • Help can come from the most unlikely places, even someone you don’t know.
    • It is not always necessary to lead with your brand name, think outside the box.
    • Mel also reminds us it’s okay to use a pure product, unrefined and natural.

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