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Crafting Awesome Objectives – Begin with the End in Mind

Objectives. No one really enjoys writing objectives. They do it because that’s what successful people do. You write an actionable, attainable objective and then build your strategy around it. Every guru out there will tell you, you need to craft objectives, but it’s rare that they ever tell you how. Let alone, tell you how to craft really, really good objectives. Since this topic is so underrepresented on the Interwebs, why don’t we discuss it now. How DO you craft awesome objectives? Simple. Begin with the end, in mind.

What Exactly is an Objective?

An objective is a thing aimed at or sought after. Plainly put, an objective is a goal. You’ve probably had many goals in your lifetime. You had a goal to get out of high school or get a degree. You had a goal to get a full-time, high paying job or run a successful business. See, lots of goals.

To run a successful business, you must have some objective that you are trying to reach. You’ll always have an objective in play at any given time. The minute you stop striving for more, is the minute you fall and fail. Always, be looking past what you have to something better. You can’t settle. Never settle.

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Objectives are the instructions to the game. You don’t know what the goal is, if you don’t read the instructions right? Well, you can’t claim victory if you don’t have well written objectives, or as I like to call them — awesome objectives!

Then, What is an Awesome Objective?

An awesome objective is one that doesn’t make the reader wonder what’s going to happen in the end. This is why I say, an awesome objective begins with the end in mind. When you read my business objectives, you aren’t confused by what I want to accomplish. It’s evident what I want to do, what will be directly affected, when I’ll do it by and how I know I’ve achieved the objective.

Here is one objective I am currently working on:

I will grow my Facebook and Twitter followers by 600% in 6 months through increased engagement and strategic information sharing.

Such a simple little objective, but extremely direct and straightforward. You don’t look at that objective and think, “I wonder when she expects to complete this objective” or “I wonder how she plans to do this.”

What are the Components of an Awesome Objective?

An awesome objective is SMART. Let’s look at what that means.

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Specific¬†– I state the specific thing I’m doing. I will grow my Facebook and Twitter followers. There is no fuzzy area here.

Measurable РI state how I will measure my progress. I will grow my followers by 600%.

Actionable – I state the action I will take to achieve the objective. I will increase my level of social media engagement. And I will post more strategic information on the Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Resolute – the first two words are as resolute as you can get. I WILL. Not I might, not I hope to, not I’m going to try to. I will!

Timed – I state a deadline for this objective. I will accomplish this 600% increase within 6 months.

Parting Words

Whether you’re crafting a marketing, sales, finance, or operational objective. Follow the formula above to help you write the most achievable, awesome objective you can. But remember, crafting the objective is one thing. It’s the easy part. The hard part comes from building and implementing a strategy around that objective. We’ll talk about that in another post.

Leave your comments below if you have anything to add to this topic. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your social network. Everyone needs to know the beauty of crafting an awesome objective.