Cottage Food States with COVID-19 Special Requirements

The cottage food industry (CFO)has taken a huge hit like all other retail industries. Many CFOs sell at farmers markets and many state farmers markets have new COVID-19 guidelines. When it comes to engaging with your customers follow your state requirements.

Here at Foodpreneur Institute, we did our best to gather state COVID-19 requirements. If you do not see your state listed below it is because they have not forwarded any special instructions.

The key to a successful cottage food operation (during COVID-19) is to educate your customers. Be ready to answer all questions about food safety and set the example. Follow your state’s COVID-19 requirements and those set by the CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19 Guidelines).

These are serious times, but have a bit of fun when selling your products. This is a great time to have company colors and coordinate those colors with your mask and face shields.

You can color coordinate gloves,  bakery boxes and don’t forget your company Tee/Golf shirts. This is a great way to brand your business so you stand out from all competitors.

As we gather more information from the states we will update this page.


We do not have specific guidelines for cottage food operators but our website offers a great deal of information for food establishments and firms and it would all apply to cottage food operators, who should also be taking precautions during these times.


There are no special requirements for cottage food operator due to COVID-19.

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The State of Kentucky has provided extra guidance for Home-Based Processors (cottage food operators) during COVID-19.


In the State of Maine, nothing has changed for regulations, however, GMPs should be slightly modified to deal with Covid-19. Cottage food producers must still follow of normal regulatory requirements from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry.


At this time there are no special requirements for Cottage Foods producers in relation to COVID-19.

Maryland Health
Food Safety and COVID-19

New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire does not have specific guidelines for cottage food manufacturers but there are guidelines for all New Hampshire businesses which are available on the website. State authorities also suggest Food Establishments follow the US Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

New York

New Yorkers who want to sell food produced out of their home, must follow these regulations and requirements. Please note that there are restrictions in the types of foods one can sell without obtaining permits as described on this webpage.


There are no special COVID-19 requirements in the State of Ohio.



There are no special requirements for Cottage Food Production Operators (CFPO) other than those guidelines on the Texas website.


There have been no official requirements added for Cottage Food facilities. However, the video below addresses the basic recommendations from the CDC and FDA.

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Washington DC

Cottage Food Operators must follow the social distancing protocols for food sellers and adhere to the requirements for farmers markets as stated in the Mayor’s Orders. As you may be aware, registered Cottage Food Businesses are permitted to sell at farmers markets and public events only. Please make certain that the farmers market you select has been issued a waiver to operate.

West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has issued guidance for the operation of farmers markets during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have not modified any regulations with regard to cottage food requirements.


The State of Wisconsin’s exemptions from needing a license for the home canning exemption and the home baking judge’s ruling have not changed. Those exemptions and any COVID guidance may be found on our website.


The state of Wyoming has orders and they are a little different in each county. The orders were put out by the county or state health officer and they would be the best at answering your questions. In the link provided it has contact information. I would recommend contacting the county that you are interested in for specific cottage food operation requirements.


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