Author Guidelines

Foodpreneur Institute helps home-based small food producers take their products from kitchen to market. We promote food entrepreneurship, sharing information about food process regulations and cottage food laws, marketing strategies, food trends, financing for small food production, operating home-based bakeries and helping food crafters sell their products to the consumer. Learning about food entrepreneurship is useful to anyone currently owning a small production food business or those interested in taking their product from kitchen to market.

Who can write for us?

We are specifically looking for those writers who can support our target audience. Individuals who support food entrepreneurs, food trucks, home-based/cottage food operators, personal chefs, and anyone who can support the knowledge needed for those who want to be successful and knowledgeable about the food industry.

  • Non-competitors
  • Professionals in the food and beverage production industry
  • Recognized food experts

Type of Content Accepted

Only interested in opinion pieces or how-to articles?

  • Not interested in native ads or anything sales-focused.
  • We do not accept syndicated/unoriginal posts (all post must be totally unique and original).
  • No press releases or marketing pieces with links to landing pages.
  • Any posts outside of these topics will not be considered.
  • Foodpreneur Institute publishes new content weekly and new posts are pushed live every 10 to 14 days.

IMPORTANT: We do not accept pitches or drafts. Submit an original completely written post/article.

Post Guidelines

  • Post length: Articles should be between 1000 and 1500 words.
  • Image requirements: Foodpreneur Institute will provide images for your blog/article.
  • Citing sources: Cite all research sources using APA format. You may use to format your sources.

Guidelines on links: You may link back to your website, however no affiliate links, landing page links, old posts, etc.

Metadata markup: Please put links in brackets after the intended linking text.

Any unique requirements:

  • Authors may use a few bullet points
  • Require that every post end with a call-to-action
  • Avoid adult language

Style guide:

Writing is all about sending out good content to the world.
Articles may be submitted in first, second or third person depending on the topic.

  • First person is focused on you and your views.
  • Second person is used when you are sharing information that does not pertain to your own experiences.
  • Third person is used when you are trying to tell a story.

Submission Guidelines

Accepted formats: PDFs, Word docs or submit the blog post/article in an email.
Point of submission: Whether it’s email contact details, a live submission form or Google Docs information, show the step-by-step process of getting a post into editors’ hands.
Byline/headshot information: Guest writers must submit a byline (300- 500 words), addressing who you are and what you do, (social media handles, links to one website). Foodpreneur Institute reserves the right to edit bylines and remove links that do not meet our standards or are manipulative.

Important editing information:

Foodpreneur Institute also reserves the right to edit your headlines, body copy and anything else, and that once submitted becomes our property. Anyone who applies to write for us will abide by our standards and changes that will be enforced.

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