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Becky Morris of Celebrated

Stories of Impact Today’s guest is Becky Morris, owner of Celebrated. Have you ever wanted to know how other food entrepreneurs go started? Stories of Impact shares stories, tips, and strategies. There are thousands of folks across the U.S. selling their homemade foods. It’s no secret, small food producers are popping up…

What is a Foodpreneur?

Stories of Impact

What is a Foodpreneur (aka food entrepreneur)? The Foodpreneur Institute defines a Foodpreneur is a person who operates a food business. The size of the business will vary. For the sake of this article, Foodpreneurs are small-batch food producers.

Best Teas from Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes

Stories of Impact What’s behind the name, Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes? In this episode, we are chatting with Anthony Garcia-Copian of Western Dragon Teas and Tisanes. Raised in Europe Anthony had a deep appreciation for fine food, learning about tea at an early age.  Anthony is an artist and Playwright who after…

Who Ate My Pie? Realities of a Shared Use Kitchen

Stories of Impact
As a Cottage Food Operator, there are times when you can’t use your home kitchen. You might have pets; the kitchen is too small, or you don’t want the hassle of operating a food business from home. There are alternatives. Using a commercial kitchen that is a shared-use, incubator or…


Stories of Impact   Today we’re chatting with Mel (Melissa Troupe), founder, and CEO of Mocha Whip. No, it’s not a food product. It’s made using a Kitchen Aid and is totally out of the box. The journey has not been easy for Mel and her product was created out of necessity.…

Episode #007: Integrity Labeling

Stories of Impact Food labeling is a requirement for food entrepreneurs. It matters not if you are a cottage food operator, home-based bakers, and other food producers. Food labels carry useful information to help consumers make good choices and they tell you if the food you’re buying contains an ingredient that you…

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