Branding & Marketing

How to do the Business Networking Thing

Branding & Marketing
What’s up with Business Networking? Did you know most cottage food operators don’t do enough networking? In fact, building a business network is often not done until there’s a grave need. You know, sales fall off and you think to yourself, “I gotta get some more business, talk to s?…

How to prepare for a Newspaper Interview

Branding & Marketing
You received a call from a local newspaper reporter. They are interested in learning more about your business. You have butterflies in your tummy, anxiety, and fear. What happens if you can’t handle the product orders? How do you prepare for a newspaper interview? Let’s examine what you need to…

Alternative to a Press Release

Branding & Marketing
It’s springtime and new food entrepreneurs are introducing their products every day. When you first start your business your initial thought is to send out a press release. Entrepreneurs do this hoping a food blogger or journalist will learn about them. It’s the if I build it they will call…

Crafting Awesome Objectives – Begin with the End in Mind

Objectives. No one really enjoys writing objectives. They do it because that’s what successful people do. You write an actionable, attainable objective and then build your strategy around it. Every guru out there will tell you, you need to craft objectives, but it’s rare that they ever tell you how.…

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