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Cassie’s Amazing Country Cupboard

Cassie Menchhofer’s Amazing Country Cupboard has a familiar food entrepreneur journey. But her products have taken her down an exciting path. She worked in a restaurant at a young age. Her family ate simple foods made with the traditional Hamburger Helper. But when she had a family of her own, things started to change. She searched the marketplace for healthy alternative mixes and found nothing. What do you do when you can’t locate what you need in the marketplace? You make it yourself, and that’s exactly what Cassie did.

Cassie Menchhofer’s products

  • Baked Granola
  • Spinach Dip Mix
  • Cassie’s Country Seasoning and Dip Mix
  • Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili Mix
  • Chili Mac Soup Mix
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
  • Triple Chocolate Cooke Mix and more

Selling at two farmers’ markets and one part-time is keeping Cassie busy. She shares one of the major disadvantages to operating a home-based food business is losing sleep. Another issue faced by this entrepreneur is only being able to sell in the State of Ohio.

This is not stopping this culinary trail-blazer. She and her hubby have broken ground to build a manufacturing facility. This will allow Cassie to make her products and produce on a much larger scale. Selling across the United States will soon become a reality.

How to contact Cassie

If you live in the State of Ohio and would like to buy Cassie’s mixes visit her website. https://www.cassiescountrycupboard.com/

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Cassie’s Words of Wisdom “Have a cheerleader, support group, people, friends, family members or friends from across the country. You are going to need that support.”

cassie country cupboardCassie Menchhofer is the owner of Cassie’s Country Cupboard, LLC which was developed in 2011 as she prepared for the birth of her second child. She lives in rural Ohio where quick trips into town for groceries or restaurant dinners is difficult with two young kids in tow.

Because of the distance from any populated area, Cassie learned how to make many of her favorite convenience foods since she wasn’t going to make a special trip into town for simple foods she could make herself. As she learned these recipes,

Cassie realized that the ingredients she needed were very different from the labels on the boxes and bags of food she had purchased in the past. Ohio’s Cottage Food Law has allowed Cassie to share her shelf-stable soup starters, spice blends, and baking mixes with customers throughout Ohio.

These products use simple ingredients and never include MSG, preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. Although the Cottage Food Law has allowed Cassie to test the waters of for a food business to see if she is ready to take her business to the next level.

Cassie’s Country Cupboard is expected to expand by the start of 2020 into a commercial business that is able to ship products across the United States.

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  • Cassie was raised in the era of Betty Crocker and prepared foods that were easy to make.
  • Her passion started with wanted to prepare nutritious foods for her family.
  • Living in a rural part of Ohio meant having to travel to get to the grocery store.
  • Cassie learned if she did not have what she needed for a meal, she had to make it.
  • The ingredients on food labels are not the same as those on homemade premade products.
  • Cassie’s Country Cupboard was created from the thought that other’s might want homemade mixes without all the preservatives and msg.
  • Although it is challenging, it is possible to work full-time and pursue your dream.
  • Selling wholesale can mean losing that personal touch with your customer.

The types of cottage food products that can be produced from the home kitchen are endless. Cassie, however, reminds us that if you are going to make food manufacturing a sustainable business, move out of your home kitchen. Making amazing food needs an amazing space that will enable growth.

It appears Cassie is on to something. Who won’t want to buy homemade mixes that offer healthy options and convenience? It’s about time we go back to the basics and take a deep dive into good old fashioned cooking with a little help from Cassie’s County Cupboard.

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